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She was featured in Nittere NEWS 24!

Check the video clip fromHERE.



Mitsuki's T-shirt is in PALLET GALLERY P-Shirt 8 award of excellence.

11:00~19:00(11st until 21:00 16th until 15:00)
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Palette gallery Asabujyuban


Mitsuki Exhibition
Mitsuki no Sketchbook ~My acorn and her friends vol.7~

11:00~18:00(last day until 16:00)

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Jingumae Gallery



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Mitsuki born in 2007 lives in Tokyo
2016 first personal exhibition(3rd grade)
Her unique, colorful and full of animated and expressive acorn world amuses people and is well received. Her work has been on a local news paper. She holds her personal exhibition on a regular basis.
2017 Chosen as a 4th period cadet of scout for extra ordinary talented kids project of Rocket 'Room Of Children with Kokorozashi and Extra-ordinary Talents'.(4th grade)
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Mitsuki really liked drawing since she was little. She got into acorns since she draw a face on an acorn she picked up at her school playground.
Her fantastic 'My dear friend Acorns' world has been expanding. She continues drawing her world with lovely seasons and fantastic stories.


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